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Powerful ways to connect with people and stay in constant contact

maintain professional contact

Do you want to genuinely connect with others and improve your networking? Here is how to get started

You can build stronger business relationships by making better connections with customers, employees and others.

After all, networking is the best way to connect with new business opportunities and new people who can be future business partners.

NOTE: We prepared a presentation with the main tips on how to maintain professional contact for this article. Check out the presentation by clicking on the image below

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How to maintain professional contact

Relationships are the lifeblood of any business and the ability to effectively connect with your employees, investors, suppliers, customers and others in your community can open many doors for you and your company.

Stop and think, how many people you know and have already introduced you to new people, who in turn introduced you to other people, making the cycle never close.

The more you connect with new people, the more they get to know your work a little better. And the more people know what you do, the more they are ready to talk about you to other people.

Interacting and connecting with other people is important. To know how to connect, keep in mind these 6 simple tips that will guarantee you a good result.

The 6 tips on how to stay in professional contact

Check out these tips on how to connect and how to interact with people who may be important to your business.

#1. Connect immediately with an email

If you meet someone new and exchange business cards, send them an email immediately afterward reminding them of who you are and what you do, and that you enjoyed the date.

Take time to tell her what caught her attention in your conversation, thank her for the time, attention and chat. Speak little, but show gratitude and excitement for the opportunity to meet new people.

The sooner you send it, the better. That way he won’t forget anything about you, and you’ll still be thrilled by his contact.

By sending this email, you will show your contact that you are professional, punctual and reliable. It will show that you are interested in keeping in touch and continuing to talk.

stay in touch

Take the opportunity to send a thank you email as soon as you exchange cards.

#2. Call people

While 1 email may be needed during a busy day or for a simple task, calling someone is always more personal and creates a connection between 2 people that just reading words on a screen doesn’t exist.

In a world where we do everything via email, messages, social media and Whastapp, stopping what you’re doing to make a call will count in your favor.

Do you want to maintain professional contact?  As much as you think people don’t like receiving calls, call!

The personal connection that comes from this type of interaction creates positive feedback between you and your new contact, and people are more likely to react positively and respond to voice calls than emails.

So, it can be a great opportunity for you to make a new invitation to your new connection and thus have a positive response.

#3. Return calls in person (and quickly)

We all miss calls during a busy work week, but it’s really worth it if – instead of sending an email – you go above and beyond by making a personal callback.

During a meeting, driving, or in a shadowy area (which happens a lot), you are unable to answer your calls. You are busy with other tasks and cannot answer.

We often return with SMS or emails, apologizing for not taking the call, which makes things a little too impersonal.

When you can return calls in person, it will count a lot in your favor. Understand: there is no way to maintain professional contact without calling, every now and then!

For some people, it sounds offensive to receive a simple return email after they’ve taken the time to call you and leave a voicemail.

That is why it is important, whenever possible, to show respect and dedication to your contact, returning your call.

stay in touch

Never fail to return calls from people who have tried to reach you.

#4. Send thank you notes

Thank you notes never go out of style mainly because they are rare these days and thus end up being much more meaningful. They are a great way to interact with people.

Depending on the occasion, thank you cards can be as simple as an email or text, or they can be handwritten on a card or letter.

Thanking someone for their time, whether at an event, a lunch, or in a more personal way is always timely and very welcome.

This shows that you appreciate the time the person has taken out of your day for you and that, in turn, it makes others want to work with you as you make gratitude your bargaining chip.

#5. Have dates

Schedule informal and social meetings with customers, employees and suppliers.

These get together can be as simple as an after-work meeting at a local restaurant, or you can host an event at your office that combines a relaxed atmosphere for a happy hour with food, drink and product demonstrations or company tours.

Furthermore, when you are staying close to your customers, you cultivate the relationship, the main driver of the CRM strategy, which puts the relationship with customers at the center of the stage.

The key to success is to make these casual encounters more of an opportunity to engage with your customers, not sell anything. There is no way to keep in touch sincerely without it.

stay in touch

Hold small networking meetings.

#6. Be authentic in your interactions

There is no shortcut to pretending to be genuine or authentic in your interactions, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to express real interest in the other person.

Make a wonderful impression by being interested and considerate during all your conversations with your customers, suppliers, employees and others.

Try to stay focused during each interaction and keep all personal issues, concerns, and judgments out of your thoughts so you can focus on your interlocutors.

Repeat the steps and connect with more people

Connecting with people isn’t just about you. It’s about understanding other people and participating positively in their lives, interacting and helping them to grow in some way.

When you show genuine interest in others, and thus truly connect with other people, good things happen, you gain new contacts, you are recommended, and you cultivate the relationship on many levels.