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Inbound Marketing: what it is and how it can boost your business


Inbound Marketing funnel

Do you want to see your brand grow and gain more and more customers? The Inbound Marketing Funnel Will Help You Achieve the Most Challenging Business Goals

Inbound Marketing is the inverse of conventional advertising.

Instead of bombarding the audience with pervasive and pervasive ads, your business will generate targeted content to draw qualified consumers to it.

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In practice, the brand will gain new customers through a natural and intuitive process.

In other words, you are not going to sell your product or service to customers, you are just going to help them in the purchase decision path.

It seems good?

And is! From now on, you will learn more about the Inbound Marketing funnel concept and learn how to apply it to grow your business.

So, keep following our article!

Inbound Marketing: what it is and how it can boost your business

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Inbound Marketing Funnel: Knowing the Concept

An Inbound Marketing strategy will always be focused on four basic phases of the brand’s relationship with the customer, which are:

  1. attraction;
  2. conversion;
  3. sale;
  4. Monitoring.

Working each one of them correctly, it will be possible to achieve very satisfactory results to grow your business in several areas.

We will discuss them in detail below.

Are you excited?

Find out below what results you can expect and what strategies you should apply in each of the phases of the Inbound Marketing funnel.

Phase 1 – Attraction

Which is

In this phase of the inbound marketing funnel, your brand will make the first contact with consumers, hitherto completely unknown.

The differential of Inbound Marketing is that it works with a specific focus on people who fit the profile of the business’ target audience.

In other words, a highly qualified consumer will be attracted to the pages that the company maintains on the Internet, including its website, blog and social media profiles.

Results to be expected

The Inbound Marketing Funnel can help grow your business from the very first stage.

In this phase, it will enable your company to achieve better results in generating traffic to the website, as well as in prospecting.

You will turn strangers into visitors!

And better: as seen above, this is an audience with high potential, as it has characteristics compatible with those of its target audience.

Strategies to be used

Generate quality content on subjects related to your industry and publish it on blogs and social networks.

Targeted texts will attract the right audience to your pages.

It is also very important to work with SEO at this stage, so that keywords help in ranking the links and increase the audience reach of the pages.

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Phase 2 – Conversion

Which is

From here, the Inbound Marketing funnel will focus on the lead conversion rate.

In other words, you will pass a sieve through the visitors of your pages and capture the contacts of those who actually liked the published material, the brand proposal and the products or services marketed.

So, in this phase of the inbound marketing funnel, it is essential to publish records so that customers can fill in the data.

Results to be expected

Through this phase of the inbound marketing funnel, you will be able to increase your mailing (list of qualified contacts), ensuring that all data was captured spontaneously!

This is very beneficial because it eliminates the risk of your mail being mistaken for spam and significantly increases your chances of sales.

In addition, registration information allows for a better definition of the target audience to establish future strategies for deepening customer relationships

Strategies to be used

For lead generation, it is essential that you use tools that encourage the filling of registrations.

The main one is the construction of a landing page.

You can generate more in-depth content and make rich materials (such as e-books and virtual guides) available in exchange for the data.

Lead generation can also work well by subscribing to newsletters or allowing access to restricted content on the blog.

Phase 3 – Sale

Which is

The sale is, without a doubt, one of the most important phases for the entrepreneur who wants to earn more money and grow his business.

Within Inbound Marketing it is characterized by the transformation of leads into customers.

That is, the consumer who until then only accessed the content generated on your pages, finally buys your product or service, becoming your customer!

Results to be expected

Every entrepreneur is well aware of the results arising from sales.

They generate the revenue needed to maintain and expand the business, enabling the business to thrive.

The key, therefore, is to keep them at satisfactory levels.

You can achieve this through a variety of strategies, including improving customer service and the quality of the product or service being marketed.

But, obviously, Inbound Marketing can also help you in this mission.

Strategies to be used

Start by integrating your company’s CRM with Inbound Marketing strategies.

In this way, the efforts of the sales and marketing teams will join together in search of the best financial results.

It is also important to use effective consumer contact strategies to help you in the purchase decision process.

Among them are email marketing and the generation of more specific content about the items sold.

Phase 4 – Monitoring

Which is

You have completed all the steps from consumer attraction to making the sale.

Is your mission accomplished? The answer is no”.

That’s right!

From now on, your company enters the monitoring phase, which is nothing more than maintaining the relationship with the customer to encourage them to make new purchases.

In practice, the final phase of the inbound marketing funnel is loyalty.

After all, better than a new customer just a loyal customer!

Results to be expected

As was clear above, the first result generated from this phase of Inbound Marketing is the increase in the number of loyal customers.

As a result, you’ll also get better sales performance, as loyal customers buy more because they identify with the brand and its products or services.

Finally, it will also be possible to see better levels of engagement and credibility of the company, as loyal customers recommend the brand to friends and publicly defend them.

Strategies to be used

Maintain lead nurturing strategies, with specific content for customers who have already made purchases.

Send targeted mailings according to their preferences and provide more in-depth content to help these people solve their everyday demands.

It is also worth promoting research to better understand the needs and aspirations of this loyal audience.

Now get your hands dirty!

So, are you now ready to deploy the Inbound Marketing funnel and see your business grow?

Using the information above you will have the necessary basis to draw your strategies.

But don’t forget that all marketing work needs to be supported by good planning, concrete goals and metrics that enable the monitoring of results.

As you can see, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you! Accept the challenge and you will see that the results will be rewarding!

Leave your comments here and reveal your expectations about the implementation of Inbound Marketing in your company.