How to be a successful salesperson with your customer

Have you ever stopped to think about how you can make your customer's dream come true?

You can’t be a successful salesperson without promoting your customer access

When it comes to sales, many of us completely forget what the salesperson’s role is in all of this.

What is a successful salesperson anyway?

Many believe that the seller is responsible for convincing the customer to buy their product. We’ve all heard the famous case of the salesperson who is so good that he even sells refrigerators to Eskimos, haven’t we?

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The four fundamental rules of how to be a successful salesperson

Obviously that’s not the role. A real salesperson, a professional capable of helping the client to solve a problem and lessen their pain, cannot sell a client something he doesn’t want or even need.

First of all, when you are talking to a potential customer, you need to remember that they have a dream, a will, and an ideology.

And your speech needs to take into account that customer’s dream. After all, your role is to make that dream come true.

When your client’s dream is a honeymoon trip, or a cruise, it’s easy to bring that dream up and connect it with your solution.

Now, when your customer’s dream is to increase productivity, get more out of their leads or something like that, it gets a little complicated.

But, it is not always impossible to speak to your client’s dream.

You might ask yourself: – How do I become a successful salesperson then?

Remember, your story is your speech first and foremost. Know what your customers’ problems are. You can achieve this by doing your homework: studying the needs of your current customers.

Your speech is what you sell, your presentation or proposal is only about what you do and how you do it.

What you always need to remember is that the customer needs to have a happy ending.

Otherwise, you will lose. When a customer’s story doesn’t have a happy ending, your story rarely has one.

Then, there is no way to be a successful salesperson…

Your client owns this story. All you are doing is saying “yes” to the story. You’re buying the customer’s story to deliver their dream. To heal his pain point, to solve all the possible problems he might have.

But you could say “our story”.

And you would enormously increase your chances of winning your customer by sharing the same dream as your customer. Creating the story together requires collaboration.

And when your client sees you as the person who will take them where they want to go, and who can fulfill their dreams and cure them of the pain they feel, you have a clear path to the yes. This is the secret to becoming a successful salesperson

If you have a hard time buying your customer’s dream, or showing it to them, we’ll help you deliver your customer’s dream during the sale.

Have you ever stopped to think about how you can make your customer’s dream come true?

#1. Invite

When you’re working with the customer’s dream, remember to ask direct questions, such as: “What do we need to change or change to make it work seamlessly for your company?”

Or, “what do you intend to do/achieve differently with your product?”

The answers to these questions will help you understand what your potential customer expects from your product and where they expect to go using it.

With this, you already know what attributes your product needs to fulfill in order not only to please the customer, but to ensure that they are satisfied with your solution.

#2. Include people in the process

It’s hard to present something to people who didn’t participate in the process. Because they didn’t participate, they feel a sense of ownership.

People who are not involved by the seller early in the process are more likely to feel that the seller has no legitimate interest in the customer’s success.

So there’s no way to be a successful salesperson without putting all the parts of a sales process into the process as it begins.

It is precisely by entering the end of the process that many decision-makers end up holding back the purchase.

Call all the people who will decide on the process at the right time. Include everyone right in the qualifying round.

By doing this, you increase your ownership and allow people to collaborate around the project.

how to be a successful salesperson

Include all personnel in the sales process.

#3. Pre-proposal meetings

Invite your client to a pre-proposal meeting, which will review the client’s needs, their observations on the topic, and what needs to be included in the solution.

– How can I become a successful salesperson with this attitude? – You’re likely wondering.

And the answer is simple: This way you really show how important your customer is to you!

At that moment, you can inform your contacts that the proposal is not ready yet, but that you need to gather some more opinions that may have gone unnoticed and, thus, complete the proposal based on the real needs of the customers.

#4. Highlight your contributions

Knowing how to present the proposal is one of the most effective ways to be a successful salesperson.

This is where experienced salespeople point out the changes, modifications and agreements made to ensure that the proposal or solution exactly matches their customers’ needs.

Use your interactions during meetings to make it clear how much your contributions have turned the client’s project into a collective project.

In this way, your potential client will see their role in the process of finding solutions and understand that you really took the project as if it were yours.

how to be a successful salesperson

Include your efforts when submitting your proposal.

Work to convert the customer’s story into your story and be a successful salesperson

When the client sees how hard you worked on a project and sees the importance of your role in the final result, they will understand that you share the same dream.

Once this is done, the customer will see the role of the salesperson not as a supporting role, or someone who wants to push an unnecessary product or service, but as someone who really bought their dream and who will help deliver a different reality for them.