CRM on mobile: bringing more autonomy to your sales team


You, who are an external salesperson or sales representative, and whose main activity in your commercial routine is customer visits and meetings outside the company, you must have already gone through one of these situations:

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  • Ending a visit to a client and, trusting in your own memory, leave the record of what was discussed for later and, in doing so, realize that you have forgotten the details of the negotiation
  • Reaching out to the client where you scheduled a meeting and not remembering exactly what you agreed to the last time you spoke, as you didn’t have your notes or records with you
  • Forgetting to leave a reminder for yourself about a follow-up that needed to be done a few days after a meeting and ending up missing a sales opportunity due to wrong timing

The truth is that, even for commercial teams that already rely on a CRM tool on a day-to-day basis, not having access to a CRM on their cell phone can make their routine a little difficult when their job consists of spending a good part of the day away from a computer.

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Mobile CRM: Easier in the salesperson’s life

A CRM tool can already be a factor that optimizes the entire commercial process and routine, when incorporated with discipline into the salesperson’s day-to-day activities.

With features such as customer and negotiation histories, performance analysis reports, sales funnel and map, as well as reminders of tasks to be performed, a CRM platform acts as a personal assistant for the sales team, making processes clearer and practical.

When all these facilities are extended to mobile devices, such as CRM cases on cell phones, this whole routine becomes even more intelligent, check out how:

Reduction of manual work and more agility at work

A survey by Labs showed that a salesperson, on average, devotes less than 36% of their work routine to sales.

For field salespeople, this average has a slight improvement, with about 3.1% more time selling than inside salespeople. Still a relatively low average.

With CRM systems, the seller has more time to dedicate to what really matters: selling more!

And if there is data synchronization between the web platform and the application on the cell phone, everything that is done in the system (such as scheduling activities or registering new prospects, for example) is also registered on the cell phone, without the need for these activities are performed twice.

Easily obtain information even away from the company

A salesperson who comes to a negotiation well prepared is more likely to close a sale, do you agree?

But with the routine of visits and meetings with an outside salesperson, the rush of traffic to get from one customer to another can cause details and key information about a prospect to be forgotten when negotiating with them.

Therefore, having easy access to these and other data related to a negotiation can help the seller to have more control of the conversation with the customer, since he can use the CRM on his cell phone to review everything that has already been said with that customer. Previously.

Quick access to important data

One of the characteristics that the sales universe requires is agility. And a mobile CRM app can bring that to the seller. With quick and easy access to data, the app collaborates in real time so the seller can get more done in less time.

Having all information about the negotiations accessible from anywhere, the external sales team will not need, for example, to call someone who is in the company to collect or confirm data, or spend unnecessary time looking for a form or business card. One customer among many others.

Scheduler app for mobile device

Aiming to make the routine of the entire sales team as easy as possible, the Agent has, in addition to the web version, a mobile application, available in is and Android, created to improve communication between manager and salesperson, in addition to increasing the potential of sales team.

As in the web version, the application:

  • Automatically send reminders for meetings, calls, and other activities
  • Organizes negotiations in a visual Sales funnel, which gives an overview of your business process
  • Keeps the history of interactions and centralizes all customer records and sales opportunities
  • Facilitates the search of customers and businesses for products/services of interest

And, in addition, the app has:

Sales route

With the sales routes functionality, the app can relocate customers on the map to optimize commercial visits.

In this way, the salesperson can organize a visit itinerary that saves time and reduces operating costs (such as fuel expenses and car maintenance, for example).

In addition, with an organized and pre-established routing, the seller does not run risks such as getting lost in some area of ​​the city that he does not know, for example, or going to a client only to find that the address was out of date.

Availability of information even offline

A salesperson who spends most of his time on the street or on the road cannot rely on a good internet connection during his day.

Therefore, the information saved by him in the Scheduler application is available even offline. In other words, regardless of being in a place with easy access to the internet or in a place where the signal doesn’t work so well, access to the necessary key information will be within reach of a click.

And best of all, if the seller records information in the app while he’s offline, as soon as he reconnects, the app will automatically back up and synchronize all information with the web version, preventing loss of important data.

Caller identification

If a prospect calls you, this could be a great opportunity to move your trade forward, right?

Therefore, the Agenda app identifies the customer who is calling, even if he is not registered in his phonebook. Thus, the salesperson can easily access that customer’s information in the system and is able to take advantage of the call to evolve the sales process.

Smart Activity Flow

The Scheduler application has a smart flow of activities. This means that the system intelligently suggests what should be done to evolve negotiations.

Thus, when a seller marks a meeting activity as done, for example, the application itself encourages them to mark an activity related to the next step in the negotiation (such as a proposal submission).

That way, the salesperson is able to keep the prospect warm and their relationship with the customer constant and focused so that the sale can be made.

[Smart Activity Flow Image]

Autonomy for the salesperson, visibility for the manager

A mobile CRM system further extends the benefits of the web platform and can be a catalyst to increase sales for your company’s sales team.

Functions that make the routine even more dynamic and intelligent cooperate so that the salesperson is able to focus more time and effort on sales, and also facilitate the manager’s routine, who can more accurately monitor the activities carried out by an external sales team.