CLASS 5 | Customer loyalty: check out 6 tips on how to retain customers and 3 indispensable KPIs


The last stage of the after-sales funnel, whose objective is customer loyalty, refers to the moment when the prospect is already quite engaging with the brand and closer than ever to becoming a true promoter of your company. And let’s face it: what company doesn’t want to have an army of loyal customers who will voluntarily advertise their products and services in a positive way, right?

However, to reach this level, it is necessary to put into practice some actions aimed at the advocacy stage of the post-sales journey.

In this Lesson 5 reading list on customer loyalty, you will discover 6 valuable tips on how to turn them into brand promoters.

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Read on to also check out 3 key performance indicators you can’t miss at this step:

  1. Study your customers thoroughly and become an expert;
  2. Make your customers want to buy again;
  3. Anticipate customer problems;
  4. Build a strong customer service team;
  5. Humanize customer interactions;
  6. Collect feedback from your customers.

6 tips on how to retain customers and turn them into engaged promoters of your brand

To be able to engage and retain your customers, making them true promoters of your products and services, it is necessary to implement some good practices considered essential. Check out what they are below.

1 – Study your customers thoroughly and become an expert

The first tip on how to retain clients in the advocacy stage is to become a real expert when it comes to the client.

This means studying their characteristics, what and when they need it, how they will use the acquired solution, the results they seek to achieve with their product or service, etc.

For that, all the steps of the after-sales funnel that we saw previously need to have been well elaborated, generating insights for a solid relationship.

2 – Make your customers want to buy again

What reasons do your customers have for making new purchases from you in the future? Your product or service may even have helped you solve certain problems; but what prevents the customer from looking to your competitor instead of you when he needs to make a new purchase?

It is necessary to offer reasons to bring him back. In this sense, seek to exceed customer expectations and provide incentives for future purchases.

How can this be done?

  • Very high-quality service
  • Custom purchase conditions
  • Full use of your solution and enjoy all its benefits
  • Among other factors that can generate a loyal relationship and that are aligned with your brand’s profile!

3 – Anticipate customer problems

In order to achieve customer loyalty, it is important to be able to anticipate the problems they may have in the future. In this way, it is possible to act preventively to prevent them from happening.

But, for this, frequent and in-depth contact is mandatory. Otherwise, it will not be possible to guess what is happening on the other side of this relationship.

Keep the Customer Success strategy always engaged in this focus and encourage professionals to follow the market and customer segment!

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4 – Build a strong customer service team

Relying on a well-trained and qualified service team to put into practice the best after-sales strategies is crucial for customer loyalty.

Remember to recruit people who have a farmer profile for this team and associate each client with the professional with the greatest chance of generating a good relationship.

5 – Humanize customer interactions

Humanizing all possible interactions between the customer and the company contributes a lot for him to become loyal to the brand. Personalizing communication makes the customer feel welcomed and special.

Just be careful: the goal is not to “befriend” the customer, which can lead to a conflict of interest or low-result interactions. The intention is to have a business relationship, where “yes” and “no” are said as is advantageous for both sides.

6 – Collect feedback from your customers

Another valuable tip on how to retain customers is to ask for their feedback on how their experience has been with the product or service purchased. This makes it easier to make the necessary improvements to make you more satisfied.

3 customer loyalty indicators you need to monitor

To better guide your after-sales and loyalty strategies, it is essential to use performance indicators.

These are tools that will measure quantitatively and qualitatively the results of actions aimed at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Here are the top 3 metrics you can’t help but monitor:

1 – Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

This indicator is measured through a survey, in which the customer is asked to assess their level of satisfaction based on the following scale:

( ) fully satisfied

( ) satisfied

( ) neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

( ) dissatisfied

( ) totally dissatisfied

2 – Customer Effort Score (CES)

CES is a metric that assesses the customer’s effort to solve their problems. The evaluation is also carried out through a survey in which the client assigns a score from 1 to 5 to the effort.

3 – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The NPS is also an indicator measured through a survey. The customer must show, from 0 to 10, how likely he is to refer the company to a friend.

Respondents should be divided into detractors, neutrals and promoters according to the grade given.

Then the following formula applies:

  • NPS = Promoters – Detractors / Total Respondents

The analysis is based on the following parameter:

  • Excellent: 75% — 100%;
  • Very good: 50% — 74%;
  • Good: 0% — 49%;
  • Bad: -100% — -1%.

What is missing to gain customer loyalty?

Here ends our Lesson 5 on how to retain customers. Implement our tips and make use of the indicators we have mentioned here to gain the loyalty of your customers.

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