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7 reasons to download a mobile sales tracking app

The decisions your business needs are made much faster!

Everything you need to know, in the palm of your hand, with a sales tracking app

Manage your sales team, know what is being dealt with in each negotiation, have statistics and graphics available and updated in real time, and still be able to follow your sales funnel wherever you are. All this has now been made even easier with the app for controlling sales called Agendor, available in iOS and Android versions.

The same app that helps you organize and increase your company’s sales, also in mobile version, for you to download to your mobile devices and have much more agility in managing your business and results in your sales!

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Agendor is a CRM and business management platform that works as a control panel and personal assistant for B2B sales teams.

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The decisions your business needs are made much faster!

7 reasons to download the app to control sales on your mobile right now

No more missing out on big sales opportunities for lack of agile communication, information exchange and proper organization! Follow your sales process step-by-step and don’t miss anything else with a sales management app.

1. To manage your sales team

Customer and sales data and information are centralized in a single place, making your queries and searches much faster.

In addition, you will be able to access the numbers on the performance of your team and each salesperson individually and define the most interesting performance indicators (KPIs) to follow according to the characteristics of your company, such as: number of calls, number of meetings, sales and many other indexes, revolutionizing the results of managing sales teams in your company!

2. To prospect for customers

Using CRM in prospecting for customers means developing profiles of potential customers and knowing exactly who to look for to close a deal with much more speed and assertiveness, reducing the number of visits and phone calls per sale, and, consequently, also reducing your costs of customer acquisition.

With a sales tracking app in the hands of each of your salespeople, your company will achieve the highest sales productivity and efficiency you’ve ever seen!

Even when traveling, your sellers will always have up-to-date information

Even when traveling, your sellers will always have up-to-date information

3. To work around objections during negotiations

Objections are natural attitudes and are part of every sales process. But if you can create a history in your CRM system with the objections presented by customers at all stages of the business process, your salespeople can consult them and start negotiations with speeches ready to overcome any type of resistance presented.

4. To further increase your company’s sales efficiency

A complete and up-to-date register of your customers, a task schedule with the date, time and details of appointments, a sales funnel that is clear to understand and intuitive to follow and interact, all of this available to your salespeople in an app for manage sales that can be consulted from wherever they are, at any time.

5. To follow up on the seller’s commitments

Everything your salesperson needs to do is easily noted in the sales tracking app, each appointment is scheduled in detail and, best of all, an email and cell phone notification is sent to salespeople, preventing them from forgetting these tasks important and lose sales due to mere oversight or lack of attention to customers.

Free Scheduler CRM System

Agenda or is a free CRM system that helps tens of thousands of salespeople organize and increase sales daily.

6. To create an innovative and dynamic sales process in your business

The processes of innovation sales is also an excellent way to improve the prospecting mode, approach and negotiate with their customers in order to close more sales and faster.

Use a sales tracking app so that CRM is the foundation of your sales process. Thus, getting to know the customer deeply and knowing how to meet their needs and desires in the right way will be much easier and more natural for your employees.

And believe me, this kind of closer and more agile relationship makes all the difference both for the satisfied customer and for the results of your sales team.

Your office has no borders with a sales tracking app

Your office has no borders with a sales tracking app

7. To get closer to ideal customers and retain them

The more information you have about your customers, the easier it will be to define which type of customer is really profitable for your business. By defining these profiles, it is also possible to determine the best specific sales strategies and tactics for each of these sets of customers, and even choose the right salespeople for each of them, based on their experiences, contacts, relationships and their technical capabilities.

In addition, you’ll be able to begin to understand when it’s time to say goodbye to those customers who only take up your sales team’s precious time, place few orders, often unfounded demands, and have no growth potential.

How important is sales control?

Controlling sales is essential for managers to improve the company’s financial planning. With good control of the sales process, it is possible to identify bottlenecks in the stages, whether in the form of unnecessary expenses or failures that could lead to financial losses.

How to control sales?

  • Use management software to control sales;
  • Document all company sales operations;
  • Make short-term and long-term planning;
  • Create a sales funnel and identify the customer journey;
  • Organize all stages of the sales process;
  • Train and monitor the sales team;
  • Define key sales indicators and metrics.

What are the best sales tracking apps?

With big sales come big responsibilities. Every entrepreneur needs to be prepared for success and always have at least one good app to control sales for free. Therefore, we have separated some application options for efficient management that will help in finance, organization and sales control in general.

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