6 Tips to Build a Winning Sales Team

5 Tips to Build a Winning Sales Team

Do you know what your company needs to develop a sales mindset? Discover the best tips to build a winning sales team!

Increasing sales and building new businesses go hand in hand, but they don’t always mean the same thing. Therefore, creating a winning sales team can be a great challenge for commercial managers and entrepreneurs.

For a company to have a winning sales team it needs to focus its efforts on 3 areas that are essential for success: your sales team, a CRM system and a good manager behind everything.

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With this trio in mind, you can have not only a winning sales team but a sales company as well. Believe me, this is for the few. If you want to follow this path, based on these key areas, here are 6 tips that will improve and increase your sales.

Is your sales team ready to win?

Is your sales team ready to win?

#1. Sellers need to use technology

25 years ago, vendor technology was their agenda. Your beeper, your business card and a landline.

Today, that is behind us. A salesperson of mivida islamabad who wants to convey the image of success can no longer use the same technological devices. The salesperson needs to be equipped with the latest technology to increase their productivity.

Have you ever seen a football team split the offence, defence and defence to practice on different sides of the city? Probably not. Even when everyone’s work is a little different, a team needs the cohesion and aerodynamic efficiency that has only been working in the same area.

A CRM system provides this unique place for your sales teams to collaborate, sell, and acquire new customers, building a solid platform for your growth, thus paddling to the same side.

#2. Sellers in need of a powerful prospecting tool

There’s a reason we call this step of selling prospecting. That’s the way miners in the old Wild West days looked for gold in mines. You want to have a great tool that your entire team can use to provide insights, to communicate with your prospects, and also to help find new customers who are waiting to show up discovered.

The experience of great salespeople demonstrates that having a prospecting plan focused on winning a market, a type of business or a territory is a way to join efforts to create a great impact on the market and sales. Putting this together, a professional CRM, the results will be more effective and your company will have a target and a segmented goal.

Don’t let your salespeople go out prospecting at random. Direction is the best way to perform and achieve the expected results.

Prospecting needs to be in the seller's soul. But, it needs to be well targeted.

Prospecting needs to be in the seller’s soul. But, it needs to be well-targeted.

#3. Find metrics to measure performance and keep an eye out

Since you’re building a sales-driven organization, it’s imperative to monitor activities to identify what works and what isn’t.

Sales dashboard and reporting helps highlight what you can improve on, as well as where your sales team can do better.

This allows you to have a better view to align your sales team more directly, more efficiently and attract the best possible results. The first step is to observe and monitor only the best metrics and indicators.

Qualified, for example, the number of prospecting calls per opportunity, the number of calls that were converted into visits, or into a sign of interest, the number of new customers per segment (or region, or customer size), the number from meetings and conversations with customers, information, new opportunities, opportunities to close and new sales.

#4. Tap into your sales team’s competitive instinct

Want to know if anyone is competitive? Ask them, “What creates a stronger emotion: do you win or lose?”

The most competitive ones hate to lose a lot more than they like to win, and salespeople are completely competitive and motivated professionals.

To that end, competitions, contests and gasification are a great way to explore the competitive nature and get people to come together and stay motivated to keep playing the sales game.

And if you’re measuring it correctly, there are many opportunities in a competition around one of these metrics, such as making more sales calls, to progress quickly and close more deals.

If you can measure it, you can motivate.

Make sure every salesperson has the competitive spirit to be on your team.

Make sure every salesperson has the competitive spirit to be on your team.

#5. Always recruit

If you’ve ever looked at the profile of your clients, you may have seen that titles, positions, companies and careers change quickly and you’ve noticed that the corporate world is very dynamic. While you may be satisfied with the current team, you should always have a card up your sleeve.

You never know how much someone on your team will decide it’s time for a change. It’s hard to have empty seats, while they struggle to fill them is huge. On the other hand, if you have cards up your sleeve, filling in the places of your champions who previously fought others will be a less exhausting challenge than starting a selection process from scratch.

Remember this: anytime your sales force can change and you will suffer from it.

#6 Transform fulfilled goals into fulfilled dreams

One of the greatest challenges for salespeople is to understand, in a palpable way, how the efforts used in the sales process reflect the realization of personal dreams and goals. This lack of clarity often creates demotivation and makes it difficult to engage with tools such as CRM.

With this in mind, we developed a way to connect personal dreams to professional goals: it’s the Funnel of Dreams, our exclusive sales motivation tool.

With an intuitive and super-simple interface, Funnel of Dreams helps to connect salespeople’s goals with the company’s goals, showing the daily sales activities that need to be performed to achieve them.

In addition to directly impacting the way salespeople relate to their goals at work, Funnel dos Sophos contributes to:

  • engage the team in CRM;
  • Assist in monitoring the productivity of the sales team.

Discover the Funnel of Dreams and start using it with your team right now!

Be prepared to create a winning culture in your company

The keys to building a winning sales organization are the same pillars that will sustain a very local sales force and enable your company to continuously grow year after year into new markets, customers and regions.

Adopting a CRM system, teaming with prospecting techniques and tactics designed for sales time, along with tracking the right metrics to monitor your sales cycle behavior will help you develop a professional sales mindset in your company.