5 tips on how to choose a sales software

sales software

See testimonials from those who used and approved the functionalities of a sales software

A complete and detailed history; ease of implementation; remote access via mobile devices; simple and uncomplicated use – eliminating expensive training; automatic follow-up notices via e-mail or text messages and a complete sales pipeline are some of the features that sales management software such as a CRM system should contain.

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But, in order to be able to test it properly, there’s nothing like having a free option of this sales software as well.

See below a little about each of these features in testimonials from those who use them and, at the end, sign up for a sales software evaluation plan!

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5 indispensable features for a sales software

So that you can more easily understand each of them, we have based on testimonials from people who use sales management software in their companies and are very satisfied with them.

1- Relationship history and reason for lost sale: CASE MB7 Engenharia

Many companies find it a waste of time to record their entire customer relationship history. Others even think it’s important, and they do it in spreadsheets, without the help of sales software.

In fact, without analyzing past behaviors to improve future customer service and generate learning to deal with similar situations regarding other prospects, it is very difficult to improve your business process.

“We had no control over the commercial services, which were in spreadsheets only to keep records never used”  

And it complements by highlighting a feature that can greatly help companies understand the Reasons for Business Loss and how to deal with this reality:

“Today, depending on the reason for the loss recorded, we came to the conclusion that we do not always lose, but we stop wasting energy in a business that would not be good for the company”

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2- Speed ​​and ease of implementation: CASE Connect

Eduardo Dias, business manager at Connect, had detected the following problem in his company:

“Many opportunities ended up going unnoticed, as we relied more on memory and loose controls than on a structured system”

And he raised the possibility of purchasing a sales software, to solve this, but he had a fear that, as you will see below, proved to be unjustified:

 “My initial fear was that it would be complicated and that I would end up wasting more time trying to organize myself with the Agent than looking for a business. After a few days of use, this fear disappeared and I started to use it in a natural way”

And that’s not all, see the advantages that Eduardo reports with the use of a sales control software:

“Agendor is an excellent cost-effective solution that easily pays for the business opportunities generated by its use. We are each day increasing our customer base and scope of action […]. In addition, the support is amazing, always serving me with extreme speed and dedication”

If you want to have the same success as Connect, download our CRM Success Kit – A complete guide, with several materials, for your company to implement CRM without difficulties.

3- Remote access and ease of use: Case TWT Equipment’s

Nowadays, when the digital transformation is bringing more and more productivity to companies, its sales software must have the help of the cloud and connectivity via mobile devices, making the work of teams much easier.

That’s what Tiago Coral, commercial director of TWT discovered:

“The software we used previously was complex and was very demanding on our representatives to power the system. When we invested in the Agent, we quickly realized how simple and functional the tool is” 

And complements:

“We have been doing our follow-ups on time and we are no longer losing the timing of the negotiation. We highlight as positive points of the Agendor the practicality and ease of navigation on all screens and access via smartphone app”

Therefore, when looking for sales management software to manage your business, be sure to include among the items these two important points:

  • Easy and intuitive use, no time-consuming training
  • Mobile access via smartphones and other devices, so your sales force can use the app for sales wherever they are.

The Scheduler can be accessed by smartphone and has a simple and intuitive interface

4- Automatic follow-up alerts: CASE Empicamp

We’ve written some interesting articles about the amount of lost sales due to follow-up errors, mainly forgetting to return calls or send quotes and proposals, for example.

Therefore, a sales software needs to have a system of notifications filled out by the salesperson and also with the help of alerts from the software itself, which warns when e-mails are returned to customers, the subject in question and other information. Ideally, this also happens via text messages.

See what happened at Empicamp, in the words of Jean Robson Baptiste, the company’s sales manager, after adopting a sales management software with this functionality:

“The functionality we like the most is the system warning emails and follow-up emails. Assuming that every company needs a CRM, the Agent meets the expectations of a manager with agility and simplicity. We removed isolated sheets from the process with the Scheduler. Before, each salesperson made a tracking sheet and did very poorly. Today, with the Scheduler in operation, this is faster and management receives ‘Just in time’ information. It even shows, in certain cases, the lack of follow-up”

5- Sales Pipeline for Business Monitoring: CASE Celeron

With a sales pipeline in which all ongoing opportunities are registered in your funnel, it is much easier for the commercial manager to make forecasts and follow the evolution of the business.

And other areas of the company can also benefit from this, as Celeron CEO Jiao Henrique Tocsin says:

“The funnel is life! Through it, we can predict how the entries for the next month will be. Our team loves Kanab to pass the processes, and the customization is also very interesting. No wonder that one of my Scheduler users is my marketing director. It directly tracks conversions”

How about doing a free trial before choosing your sales software?

These were 5 important criteria that you should look for in a good sales management system, all of them tested and approved by companies in different areas of the market.

If you want to give it a try, feel free to use the Scheduler, we have a free version of our sales management software forever!–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools-