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4 tips to expand your customer base

customer portfolio

How about expanding your customer base this New Year? See the tips you need to keep an eye on

If you’re like most great salespeople, business managers or entrepreneurs, you’ll certainly want to start the year by expanding your customer base, right?

After all, increasing your customer base is the easiest way to increase your sales and market reach.

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In this post, we have separated 4 tips to help you better understand what the customer base is and how to expand it.

4 fundamental tips to expand your customer base

Increasing your market is as important as selling, as more and more people hear about your company, your product and differentials.

Thinking from a direct perspective, the more customers you serve, the more people will hear about your company, and thus, the greater your company’s reach within your market.

When people have heard about you, it’s easier for them to consider you when hiring someone who does what you do.

So you should be using the first few weeks of the year to think about how to broaden your reach and your contact base to include them in your customer base.

By the way, what is the meaning of customer portfolio? What is a customer base, explained in a simple to understand way?

Client portfolio, definition: Set of customary clients of a company, to which it is always offering its products and services in a continuous and successful manner, which are acquired through a lasting commercial relationship.

But what are the actions most likely to be successful when it comes to selling more, increasing customer satisfaction and taking your message to the greatest possible number of prospects, with the objective of expanding this customer base?

This is not an easy task. Especially if you’re part of a small sales team, a small company, or an unfamiliar product.

On the other hand, nothing is impossible. Here are some helpful tips on how to dramatically increase your customer base.

customer portfolio

Is increasing your customer base in your plans for 2015?

1. Develop a unique differential

Your unique competitive edge is what your competitors cannot copy. It’s what makes people buy from you.

This is where your customers really see value in what you do, and understand why it’s worth hiring your company. You can have several unique differentiators for each segment of your customer base.

Good differentiators can simply work by reviewing the way you do business and emphasizing some aspects of what you already do, or thinking differently about what you already do.

For example, if you’re in the auto parts business and can offer free same-day delivery of parts orders, it can make a big difference in the repair shops that your coverage area serves.

Think about how to complete this sentence: “People buy from me because I’m the only company that…”

If you can answer that sentence, then you already know what your unique differential is. If that’s not possible, then you need to think about it.

2. Use the power of the phone

Many marketers believe the phone is the most underutilized sales resource in business today.

But this is an effective technique that’s really important to keep potential customers interested: there’s no sense in spending money on lead generation just to serve them in an unprofessional way.

Take a break and enable your team to talk on the phone. Take advantage of the power of the phone to prospect correctly, and be impeccable when you have the opportunity to do some receptive service.

Poor phone answering can not only be frustrating for your team, but it can also seriously compromise your reputation, which is all you don’t want.

Bet on the right training so your team is focused to handle any call to make things work better for you.

Knowing how to use the phone is still the big difference of great sellers.

Knowing how to use the phone is still the big difference of great sellers.

3. Develop a sales system

How does the sale work? “Prepare, aim and fire?” It’s not always like that. It takes great preparation and direction.

Who is your perfect customer? Who are we going to approach? Who are we talking to? Have you thought about these details?

Look for 1 minute for a good seller. You’ll start to notice a pattern to the way they do things—how they get to the interested prospect, how they keep people interested, how they handle objections, how they negotiate, and how they finally ask for the sale.

All in a way that builds trust and gains the prospect’s understanding in a way that moves them through the process together.

Exceptional salespeople have their sales system. It is now really possible for you to learn an effective sales system.

The systematized approach will help you sell based on an effective sales method that can be shared by all salespeople on the sales team to increase the customer base.

4. Research your market

Your company needs to focus on a specific type of people who are the right profile to buy your product and send the right message, have a suitable business communication plan.

It’s extremely important to understand what makes your customers stay with you, rather than going out to your competition.

If you sell computers, you need to realize that the expert user is knowledgeable at all levels about what he is buying, and will want different information than a person who just wants something easy to use for reading and exchanging emails.

In order for you to know how to communicate with different profiles of potential buyers, you will need to do your homework and identify the main market segments of your business.

Once this is done, you need to profile these different types of customers according to interests through market research.

You can then approach them effectively in accordance with the incentives they expect to receive from your company when purchasing your product.

customer portfolio

Knowing the market and knowing who you’re talking to can be your biggest advantage.

Are you ready to expand your customer base?

Now that you know what the customer base is and what it takes to expand your base, you know that you need to create behavior within your company to be more attractive to customers, as well as knowing how to approach and prospect.

The greater the skills of salespeople in the sales process – and the greater their awareness of it, the easier it will be for you to increase sales and the number of customers.

Finally, when you start creating an effective system for applying your differentiators and executing the sales process, you will gain new customers.