20 tips and advice from top sales experts

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Imagine that you could have a day immersing yourself in the techniques of great sales experts. See what you would learn

We are constantly striving to conquer new sales challenges, close new deals and break new barriers. That’s how great salespeople see their profession and their market.

It is often precisely this climate and this desire that makes salespeople launch themselves in a search for improvement and learning.

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So how about learning a little more about what some of the top experts have to teach us about sales?

We’ve made a special selection of tips and advice that can certainly help you not only be a better salesperson but a high-performance professional.

Learn from those who specialize in sales: 20 of them pass on their messages!

Tip #1: Guy Kawasaki

Enchantment is the purest form of sales. Enchantment is all about changing people, minds and actions, because you provide them with a vision or a way to make things better.

The difference between enchantment and simple selling is that, with enchantment, you have your potential customer’s best interest at your heart as well.

Guy Kawasaki: "You need to start with the basic premise that you have to know what your competition is doing."

Guy Kawasaki, Sales Specialist: “You need to start with the basic premise that you have to know what your competition is doing.”

Tip #2: Josh James

A sales-oriented culture can really set you apart from most of your competitors. This doesn’t mean being sales-oriented, just sales-oriented: gaining new customers and going on the attack.

Tip #3: Matt Dixon

Row for what makes you unique, not what makes you unique.

Tip #4: Dave Elkington

You have to generate revenue in the most efficient way possible. And to do that, you need to create a data-driven sales culture.

Data are assets over intuition.

Tip #5: Brian Frank

When you have a multi-tiered sales effort, the first thing you have to understand is the market.

You want to go out there and map out the competitive landscape. You want to know what your customers are saying.

Tip #6: Jeffrey Gitomer

Use your CRM to retain customers. That’s a tip from sales expert Jeffrey Gitomer, who sees this tool as the best way to get to know your contacts and stay connected to them, even if they stop doing business with their companies.

Take the opportunity to record your history with your customers and have a complete diagnosis of every interaction with your base.

Jeffrey Gitomer: "Use CRM to Retain Customers".

Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Specialist: “Use CRM to Retain Customers”.

Tip #7: Jill Konrath

Today’s sellers are the differentiator. That’s why being a customer-centric salesperson is the best business asset for your customers.

Tip #8: Mike Bosworth

The best salespeople know that their experience can be their worst enemy in sales.

This is precisely why they are tempted to tell the buyer what they need to do, rather than offering a story that shows the buyer why your product is essential.

Always choose the second option.

Tip #9: Ken Krogue

Rethink your lead generation methodologies. The secret lies in your power to generate leads.

Do your best to always move through less assertive methodologies to those who are less assertive and more effective. That’s exactly where the results are.

Tip #10: Jon Miller

Use the lead score to determine who you’ll send to the sales team.

Identify and adjust based on demographic information and then identify interests at the purchase stage by observing the prospect’s behavior. Actions speak louder than words.

Tip #11: Mark Roberte

You know that your company has a modern sales force when you feel your relationship with your customers as a relationship between doctor and patient, rather than a relationship between a salesperson and a prospect.

When you go to the doctor and he asks you about your symptoms, you tell him the truth.

You trust that he can diagnose the problem and prescribe the right medication. When he says: this is what you have, take this medicine, you are not in doubt, nor ask for a discount.

You simply take the medication.

Tip #12: Bob Perkins

Today the inside sales team must continue to take the lead, embrace and embrace technology that will help advance the sales process.

Bob Perkins: "The sales team must embrace all technology that can help the sales process."

Bob Perkins, Sales Specialist: “The sales team must embrace all technology that can help the sales process.”

Tip #13: Trish Bertuzzi

Every company has a vision. But can sellers articulate this vision clearly?

Probably not. Why not create a welcome video of the President or a founder just for new salespeople?

Tip #14: Siva Devaki

Sales is no longer about selling, but rather about building trust and educating the customer, says sales expert Siva Devaki.

Tip #15: Jill Rowley

The modern sales professional works like an information concierge – delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in the right channel.

Socially surround your company’s buyers as your sphere of influence.

Tip #16: Jamie Shanks

Track your competitors through LinkedIn. As you gather competitive intelligence, use it to build a central repository.

Who is your competitor? What clients is he connected to? If you see potential customers in this list, add them to your spreadsheet. Use this worksheet to alert your sales team of deals you may be missing.

Tip #17: Matt Heinz

Look from the customer’s point of view at all times.

Filter everything you’re doing, saying, and pitching to your customers because you’ll only get better with every metric you care about today.

Tip #18: Brian Kardon

Find your trigger. Find the qualities that bring you closer to converting leads and focus on them.

sales specialist

Brian Kardon, Sales Specialist: “Focus on the qualities that bring you closer to converting leads.”

Tip #19: Mike Puglia

The trust a customer has in your company and in you trumps the techniques you use to sell.

Establishing trust is better than any sales technique.

Tip #20: James Rogers

The customer journey is no longer a standard funnel.

Sales and marketing need to be a team, with tools, process automation, analytics and discipline to be successful.

Apply this expert sales advice to your daily life

This advice came from sales experts, professors, CEOs, directors of sales, marketing and founders of successful companies with proven experience in sales results.

If we add up the experience of all these professionals, we would have a few centuries of knowledge related to sales.

Be sure to apply and test these ideas in your sales routine. Certainly, they represent a great deal of knowledge that can be applied immediately and can generate good results for your routine.