11 Skills Every Insider Salesperson Must Have

Discover the skills of excellent internal salespeople and get inspired!

Internal salespeople have a very unique and challenging daily life, different from that of an external salesperson.

An outside salesperson is on the street, meets the customer and can use many skills to lead him to the purchase.

The in-house salesperson has to make the sale from inside the office, contacting the customer through emails or by phone, which limits the possibilities a little.

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Selling internally has its difficulties. It is necessary to be very persevering and extremely positive, as contact by phone can be more difficult, as we are not present to read the person’s reactions.

In addition, there are other skills that characterize a great internal salesperson, separating her from the others. Let’s know what they are?

An inside salesperson with above-average skills can take the company far!

An inside saleswoman with above-average skills can take the company far!

Skills of a successful in-house salesperson

1. Open to new ideas

A good in-house salesperson is always willing to change. If a way to approach the customer isn’t working, it’s time to analyze why and change that.

This is an important characteristic for anyone who works with people, and a salesperson is nothing more than an expert in relationships.

2. Skilled in answering questions

A salesperson who has prepared and accurate answers inspires confidence much more quickly than one who doesn’t know the product deeply or has difficulty articulating answers.

Answering potential customer’s doubts and objections at the moment clearly and correctly makes all the difference when closing a sale, generating credibility and reducing prospect’s anxieties.

You can achieve this by holding a brainstorming meeting and preparing a super sales script with all possible objections and answers to them, or by conducting training where you are the customer.

3. Expert in market analysis

An inside salesperson who is knowledgeable about the market will build relationships and establish important contacts much more easily.

You’ll also recognize opportunities that are more worthwhile, well before others.

4. Has great writing skills

This is a competency that is often overlooked, but it is crucial for an inside salesperson.

This type of salesperson sends emails frequently, in addition to having to prepare proposals and respond to messages.

Expressing yourself clearly and writing correctly makes a good impression on the prospect or customer, and makes them read information more positively.

5. Know the company end-to-end

We can’t sell what we don’t know, or something we don’t believe in. A good in-house salesperson knows the company and its strategic vision by heart.

He believes in the product/service he sells and answers all questions with the security that this brings.

6. is empathic

It is important to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand their point of view, in order to help them in the best possible way.

The most effective way to do this is to listen. Listening carefully and using the information gathered later will give the customer the certainty that they are being heard.

Knowing how to listen is more important than knowing how to speak!

Knowing how to listen is more important than knowing how to speak!

7. You are always managing your time

Planning and strategic thinking are characteristics that are linked to success.

If an inside salesperson doesn’t organize her day, her week, and even her month, tasks take much longer to complete.

Having a routine helps a lot, and a good tip is also to establish a time for each activity, as always answering emails at the beginning of the day.

Calling prospects at the beginning or end of the day, in addition to helping to keep activities up to date, will catch them at the best of times – when they’re arriving at work or getting ready to leave, not in the middle of an occupation.

8. Negotiates masterfully

This traditional sales skill is also important for an inside salesperson. She must constantly refute objections, negotiate and close deals, all with the company’s strategic vision and customer needs in mind.

To reach an excellent level in communication, it is necessary to be always practicing, and to listen to everything that is said, even between the lines, in order to draw a corresponding plan of action.

9. Is always motivated

Attitudes influence the way of thinking, and thinking determines speech and actions.

Self-motivating independently is a characteristic that highlights a good inside salesperson, as motivation has a huge impact on how we act and what actions we take.

So, taking action that motivates and keeping a positive thought and plan in mind will influence the way things get done.

Attitudes influence the way of thinking, and thinking determines speech and actions.

Attitudes influence the way of thinking, and thinking determines speech and actions.

10. Has its own goals

Personal goals, which complete the company’s goals, are extremely important. The goals make people give their best, and have goals will transform those actions disconnected on a solid plan.

11. Measure your results

Tracking our results and measuring our own performance can be a difficult task, but the results it brings are enormous.

If we see where the points of improvement are and exactly what those failures are impacting, we can study how to improve substantially.

Finally, that strategy of chasing prospects and forcing products/services on them is long outdated.

There’s a fine line between being persistent and being inconvenient, and with social media and the internet in general, being too pushy can hurt a company a lot.

If the customer closes a contract with the feeling that you forced him to sign/buy, he will expect you to deliver at least 100% of what you promised.

He’s going to have very high expectations, hard to reach. In case of a big disappointment, it’s very easy for him to criticize your company on social media or create a complaint on Reclaimed Aqua.

And once your business has internet complaints showing up on Google when you type your name, good luck reversing that situation!

Being honest with the customer is also crucial. Offering a product or service that doesn’t meet their needs may even generate a sale, but it will also generate a dissatisfied customer who won’t buy again and won’t bring you referrals.

That’s why it’s important to know the customer in-depth, study their needs and know how to satisfy them.

Thinking about all these difficulties, the Agendor prepared several e-books that bring relevant content on current issues. Behind every successful in-house salesperson is a lot of study and dedication.

Applying methods that have been proven to work in other companies is positive, and studying to learn how to develop methods that work for your company’s reality is even better.

Every salesperson should be great at prospecting, and have a deep understanding of the sales funnel concept and how to apply it. Download these e-books for free and learn all about it!

Now that you know what makes a great in-house salesperson, read about the different types of salespeople and what their skills are!

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